If your reputation is too low, you will actually be imprisoned upon visiting a castle. With time, your reputation will gradually go back to neutral, so with time all deeds, good or bad, will be forgotten. Like the previous Might and Magic games, this game is not very Might & Magic Heroes VI is a turn-based strategy video game for Microsoft Windows developed by Black Hole Entertainment and published by Ubisoft.Some patches and downloadable content were developed by Limbic Entertainment, while the standalone expansion Shades of Darkness was developed by Virtuos. It is the sixth installment in the Heroes of Might and Magic series, and was released on October If reputation makes it back in Might and Magic IX it is to hope that it will be well implemented else scrap it! In Might and Magic VIII the reputation is still present but useless. You cannot change it.

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Vítejte na Elemir´s Page, stránkách věnovaných světu Might and Magic a hrám Crusaders of Might and Magic, Arcomage, Requiem, a Lords of Xulima. Level 1 Sanctuary reputation ability for Might heroes is not displayed in the spell book. Might Defense reduced to 5 (from 6) Magic Defense reduced to 3 (from 4) Ghoul Health reduced to 23 (from 25) Might Defense reduced to 5 (from 6) Ravenous Ghoul Health reduced to 30 (from 32) Might & Magic. 156,029 likes · 25 talking about this. Heroes of Might & Magic VII (ESRB Rating Pending: May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit www.esrb.org for rating information) - Magic Stronghold campaign hero Airini as Might heroic strike animation and damage instead of magic animation and damage. - Magic Inferno campaign hero Xana has not heroic strike animation.

A hero can choose his calling to Dragon Tears or Dragon Blood. 2007-06-11 So Might users lose a ton of damage or, at the very best, stay mostly the same. Magic users, however, get significant discounts on key spells (Shrapmetal 30 SP vs 50, Toxic Spray 2 SP vs 4 – that's 40% and 50% cheaper!) and get GM spell skills which make those key spells oh so much stronger.

Might and magic 6 reputation

Higher skill level allows you to repair better items and expert and master skill rankings allow you to repair complex items and artifacts. The skill will work automatically when you right click on a broken item in your inventory. Weapons: Staff Sword (Can start with this skill) Dagger (Can start with this skill) Axe (Can start with this skill) Spear Mace Blaster Bow (Starts with this skill automatically) Armor: Leather (Can start with this skill) Chain Skills: Identify Item (Can start with this skill) Merchant Repair Item Body Building Diplomacy (Can start with this skill) Perception (Can start with this skill) Disarm Trap (Can start with this skill) Learning Meditation Spells: Fire Magic (Can start with this skill MMResTool (aka. mmtool), Might & Magic Compatibility Layer (by Emjayen) are great.

Might and magic 6 reputation

Fountain (+5 Might permanently, but kills the drinker) Elements Guild (Earth Magic, Air Magic, Water Magic, Fire Magic, 1250gp, spellbooks 1-8) Dark Guild (Dark Magic, 1500gp, spellbooks 1-6) Fountain (+5 Endurance permanently, but kills the drinker) Membership to Blade's End (Fredrick Piles, 25gp) Weapon Store Alchemist Store Coach Service I have just finished the quests in New Sorpigal and have moved on to Castle Ironfist. I have the mod that shows the numerical value of your rep, and mine has been terrible but improved slightly upon completing the quests. My rep has "improved" from minus 200ish to around minus 180ish.
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So Might users lose a ton of damage or, at the very best, stay mostly the same.

Donating at Temple Baa increases your reputation by 200 if you are Notorious, or decreases by 200 down to 0 if you have a positive reputation. Killing a peasant decreases your reputation by 100 points. I'd say that the easiest way to become a Master of both Light and Dark magic and have a good reputation afterward would be to go through the game until you get to the part where you can enter the Superior Temple of Baa, donate to a Temple of Baa until your reputation is Neutral, pray to Baa in the Superior Temple to get Notorious reputation, learn Master-level Dark magic, donate to a non-Baa temple until your reputation is Respectable, complete the quest to expose the traitor on Reputation is a feature in Might & Magic: Heroes VI. There are 2 kinds of reputation: Tears and Blood.
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DWARVEN AXE Attack: +8 Damage: 4d2+8 (12-16) Value: 400 An … aetherspoon (Moderator) 13 years ago #5. The easiest way is Armegeddon, yes. If you're curious, it is entirely possible to go from Saintly to Notorious without killing anyone - go donate at a Baa church to go down in rep, and after that start picking up and selling bones from bootleg bay.

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The new damage resistance also favors mages greatly. Mission: Andover Potbello in New Sorpigal (#1) ( Seer in Castle Ironfist (#32) gives you this advice too) Solution: Go into the castle at Castle Ironfist and show it to Regent Wilbur Humphrey. Reward: 5000gp, 3.000 xp, 0 karma. Award: Delivered 6th Letter to Wilbur Humphrey. That will increase reputation by one point. Things that you should avoid doing in the meantime - Donate to the Temple of Baa. - Buying Healing at the Temple of Baa. - Complete "bad" quests (Temple of Baa or Loretta Fleise).